walk down memory lane I

I've been following SM artists since the beginning. Over Thanksgiving weekend I watched some old videos. Now I feel compelled to post a brief history of SMP.


Warrior Descendants '96


We Are the Future '97
(Moon Hee-Jun begins to develop his unique dance style and stage fashion)


Line Up! '98


walk down memory lane II

HOT is established as the leader of kpop...

Enter Shinhwa

more SMP

Resolver '98


and so SMP continues... excessive use of exclamations

Yah! '99


Yo! '99


Outside Castle '00
(Moon Hee-Jun= genius)


All Your Dreams '00

walk down memory lane III

Intermission: the LOST YEARS

fans mourn the loss of HOT who succumb to a merciless SM
a beautiful magical era meets a premature end...
Kangta's voice never sounds as sweet. Moon Hee-Jun's style never has the same DGAF flair.
They become solo artists.
JTL is formed.

the SMP continues ... more title exclamations
but looses its kimchi flavor, tasting more like backstreet boys and n'sync

Hey! Come On '01

Hero '02

scrabbling to get another group together
SM briefly venures in to ROCK... sad TRAX didn't take off they were talented.

Scorpio '04

Liez ( hear the linkin park~esque ?)



walk down memory lane IV

Generational shift: HOT/Shinhwa passing the baton off to TVXQ

HOT fans shake their heads when Tri-angle is released. (TVXQ can not pretend to be HOT)
an awkward fusion of TVXQ, BoA, TRAX. SMP with the most dissonance. what was Yoo Young-jin thinking?

Tri-angle '04

Rising Sun '05
(TVXQ finds its own voice) SMP back on track.


"O" -Jung Ban Hap '06


Don't Don 돈 돈! '07

(pretty sure Yoo Young-jin wrote this one too because the exclamation mark is back; SuJu is properly welcomed, given an SMP with an extraneous punctuation mark)


Purple Line '08
(Yoo is abroad; Lee Soo-man decides to write again)


Mirotic '08

What's next?

Heechul SJ Jungmo TRAX

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